19 Empowering And Inspiring Poems On Women By Amazing Poets

Inspiring Poems About Women-

1. J.E. Cano

“May you be brave
and may you fly free
certain of your worth
and of your wings”

2. Rupi Kaur

“She is water
soft enough
to offer life
tough enough
to drown it away”

3. Lil Stories

always remember
“Always remember
you can do anything
what you think
your mind can do”

4. Sasha Temerte

women poetry
“A woman with a book
and a pen
has the power
to move nations.
A woman with a mind
and a voice
has the power
to change worlds.”

5. Shades of Poetry

she is a wild soul
“She is a wild soul
with endless possibilities”

6.  Sarah

self love
The shape of the key
to Self Love
Corresponds to the shape
of a shard Of Broken heart”

7.  Arpita Nema

when you thought
“Just when you thought
I would shred my leaves,
I blossomed.”

8. The Word Rover

she is free
“She is free.
She is disenchanted.
She is ready to grow.”

9. Aqsa Sehr

never ignore instinct
“Never ever,
don’t be clever,
and think of ignoring your
and we got a chance to get in touch with these talented poets to know them more!

10. Allen


“She’s a vixen with a vintage style,

expensive taste, 

and a gorgeous smile.”

Poet Bio:

A creative by the name of Allen from Los Angeles. He goes by cdlv on Instagram and writes about life, love, and everything after.
Instagram Profile: @cdlv

11. Pen Name- Lonely.penguin



“She had Spent so long devoid of light,

 yet she Bloomed like a rose

 in the dead of Night.”

Poet Bio:

He is a 34-year-old Male from England. He is a father to a beautiful baby boy and has a wonderful girl by his side. Poetry has helped him with his mental health in the past and now he writes to express his inner thoughts and musings.
Instagram Profile: @lonely.penguin

Because their no limits of words in poetry, here are some long poems! Let the words flow…

12.  Dipendra Tamang

Thang Balay

Instagram Profile: @thangbalay

Poet Bio:

Dipendra Tamang is a peace builder by profession with a love for writing poems. He is known by his pen name thangbalay on Instagram.

13. Sagar Singh

Poet Bio:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” this quote by Maya Angelou has deeply influenced and is one of the major reasons Sagar Singh chose to write. A mechanical engineer by morning and a writer by night Sagar puts everything he feels into words. A sappy romantic, as his friends call him, Sagar has a unique way of making heartbreak seem beautiful and find hope in tragedy. The 25-year-old writer wishes to get published someday and live a life as a storyteller. In the past three years, he has won Thirty west publications micro-fiction contest, got published in an anthology by CTU publication and currently working on his short stories.”
Instagram Profile:  @the_wandering_writer

14. Brick


Poet Bio:

Brick is an aspiring young poet, traversing the world and his feelings through the art of poetry. He draws inspiration from his life experiences, focusing on emotions relating to love and heartbreak. He writes to remind others that the human experience is a universal, worldwide concept and that no one is as alone as they may feel.

Instagram Profile: @poetrybybrick

15. Adel Sartawi


Poet Bio:

A marketer by profession, a geeky photographer by passion. Traveled on all continents of this world (Except South America: Soon) and loved engaging with different cultures. Had the pleasure of working with/for some of the world’s top brands like Nokia, Samsung, Philips, Virgin, and Hilton. He enjoys every part of his work, and he has built his followers one by one, post by post, investing a personal level of passion and creativity in his content to achieve higher engagement. He enjoys creating value-added content, and in his spare time, he enjoys photography, traveling, poetry and not forgetting a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Instagram Profile: @poetrytron

16. Sumit Asrani

Poet Bio:

Sumit Asrani is a poet. He bleeds poetry about love, life, unrequited love, and everything else.
Instagram Profile: @sumitasrani

17. Shubham  Jinwal


Poet Bio:

Shubham  Jinwal is a Patroniac (patron+maniac) in a pursuit of Pandora boxes. Breakfast on earth, lunches in hell and dinners in heaven yes he’s busy.
Instagram Profile: @shubham_jinwal
And this is an art which speaks a poetry without words-

18.  Pietro Tenuta


Artist Bio:

Peter is 23 years old guy living in this magical city … Turin! Drawing since he remembers, as a child he drew on the walls of the house, but he doubted that my mother would like … indeed. As a child he has always been a bit shy, He found in the drawing the possibility of talking without opening my mouth.
Instagram Profile: @maniacodamore